Woodmill – Ihr Partner bei der Versorgung mit Brennholz! 


Unsere Produktion entspricht den NS4414 Normen, sodass ausschließlich hochwertige und standardkonforme Produkte an unsere Kunden geliefert werden.

Our values

Highest Quality Product

We always strive for the highest quality product. Our team is experienced and can fulfill any order to the highest standards.


We understand that receiving your order on time is very important. We organize our production in a way to meet any deadline. If there will be a delay, we will let you know asap.

Customer service

Our sales and customer service team speak Russian and English fluently. We are reachable anytime by Watsapp, Phone, Email or Messenger. You are always able to reach us and we will keep you updated of your orders progress.

Currently exporting to

Die Tatsache, dass wir ein guters Partner sind, haben Unternehmen aus Ländern wie Schweden, Norwegen, Deutschland, Finnland, Dänemark, u.a. sich sicher gestellt.

We think green

All products sold by Woodmill come from sustainably managed Latvian forests and all our firewood is PEFC and Ready to Burn certified. We are also part of Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.